The Balvenie 12 Y.O. Doublewood

The Balvenie 12 Y.O. Doublewood

The Balvenie 12 YO DoubleWood made its debut in 1993. The recipe was developed by Malt Master David Stewart in 1982 based on a method now known as cask finishing.
To create this whisky, David Stewart blends whiskies aged at least 12 years in traditional casks and American oak bourbon hogsheads, keeping them in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks for another 9 months.
The last 3-4 months of ageing are spent in large oak vats called “tuns”, which allows for a harmonious blending of he whiskies from the different casks. The Balvenie DoubleWood owes its unique character to ageing in two different types of wood. each type of cask and the time spent in them adds another element to the aroma and flavour palette of the resulting single malt.
A delicate and velvety flavour with a perfect combination of nutty sweetness, the spice of cinnamon, and perfectly balanced sherry.

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The Balvenie 12 Y.O. Doublewood
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