About us

The HoReCa department deals with sales of CEDC products to hotels, restaurants, caterers and others in the broadly understood hospitality industry, as well as with growing the company’s distribution network. By using active promotion strategies, personnel training, careful market positioning of vodkas, wines and imported alcohols in menus, as well as by thoughtful placement of on-premises advertising materials, the department builds brand awareness of our products among the customers visiting these places.

The department has a professional and highly competent sales team, a key factor in building a strong position for our commercial partners, who the team support with their knowledge and skills.

The On-Trade channel means:

  • Locations where the customer purchases alcohol for immediate consumption at the point of sale (pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes)
  • A place where there is direct contact between the brand and the consumer
  • Tastings and influencing of consumer preferences (switching)
  • A place where we cultivate responsible alcohol consumption habits

Scope of operations:

  • Staff training for the HoReCa segment on alcohols and wines from the CEDC portfolio
  • Creation of trends on the Polish alcohol market
  • Building brand awareness for our own and imported brands among consumers
  • Sales and image building for our brands

Our portfolio


From A-Z, from Amarone to Zinfandel. From Lombardy through Veneto to New Zealand. In our offer, you will find wines from the most well-known wines producing region sin the world to small, boutique vineyards. Our collection of wines is continually update with new positions one the market, while remaining faithful to the classics.

Strong alcohols

CEDC (the Maspex Group) offers some of the most recognisable brands of alcoholic beverages in the world. Every product that we offer is not only great tasting, but also has a fascinating story, representing a quest for perfection and respect for the people who make these products each and every day. Our offer contains a very diverse range of products from nearly every part of the world. We offer vodkas, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, gins, rums, liqueurs, bourbons, brandies, cognacs, apéritifs and herbal infusions.