The Balvenie Forty 40 Y.O.

The Balvenie Forty 40 Y.O.

The Balvenie 40, aged for at least 40 years, is unusually complex and multifaceted in aroma and flavour, which is why it has twice been named “the Best 35-40 YO Scotch Whisky” by the authoritative Whisky Bible Awards. The Balvenie 40 is a coupage of rare whiskies stored in the distillery’s warehouses. Each year, a mere 250 bottles are put on sale throughout the world, and each bottle is packed in a handmade oak-wood case crafted by the Scottish master craftsman Sam Chinnery, hand-engraved by his father. A richly toned aroma of oak intertwines with roasted apples, blanched fruit, and soft peels. If a splash of water is added, the fruity notes and shades open up.
The silky consistency and embracing sweetness with the spicy and slightly piquant aroma of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger open up to elegant notes of oak with hints of dark chocolate, toasted almonds and fruit liqueur.

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The Balvenie Forty 40 Y.O.
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