The Balvenie 16 Y.O. Stories French Oak

The Balvenie 16 Y.O. Stories French Oak

The Balvenie French Oak is a vibrant single malt whisky finished in wine casks from the French Charantes region.
Pineau de Charantes is a fortified wine made from unfermented grape juice to which eaux-de-vie has been added, after which the wine is matured in cask.
Lorne Cousin, Brand Ambassador of The Balvenie USA, suggested to Malt Master David Stewart MBE that he explore these casks after a family trip to Charantes, where he drank Pineau as an aperitif. Pineau de Charantes is akin to cognac in terms of production and flavour, which highlights the sweet and fruity accents in The Balvenie.
Aroma: Beautifully balanced gentle floral notes of lotus and geranium blend with notes of fresh meadow grass and apple peel.
Flavour: An energizing zing from tangy lemon and grapefruit peel meet the delicate subtle sweetness of glazed fruit and ginger root.
Finish: Short and refreshing

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The Balvenie 16 Y.O. Stories French Oak
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