The Balvenie 25 Y.O.

The Balvenie 25 Y.O.

The Balvenie 25 YO is a whisky of unusual depth. This ideal balance creates an incredibly elegant fruit expression. In a perfect marriage of whiskies, Malt Master David Stewart MBE has combined selected casks, resulting in an unusual whisky with a highly complex yet also balanced expression, a testament to the art and craft of creating single malts. With its exceptional character, 25 YO is remains true to the most admired aroma qualities of The Balvenie; a strong, oaky vanilla, crystalised ginger and the sweetness of molten honey.
The initial flavour of bold oaky vanilla notes slow recedes, revealing a layer of marshmallow, fresh fruit terrine, and cinnamon tart with apples.

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The Balvenie 25 Y.O.
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