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Since 2022, we have been part of the Maspex Group. We are the leader on the Polish vodka market with 46% market share (quantitatively) and are one of the largest importers of foreign alcohol brands in the country. Our portfolio includes many recognised and beloved brands such as: Żubrówka (a brand with more than 500 years of tradition, number 4 by volume in global vodka sales, present in 86 markets), Soplica, Żytniówka and Bols. Apart from the brands that are produced at our plants in Białystok and Oborniki. we are also licensed distributors on the Polish market for alcoholic beverage brands such as Grant’s, Glenfiddich and Tullamore D.E.W., Metaxa, Jägermeister, Cointreau, Campari, Aperol and Remy Martin, as well as wines such as Carlo Rossi or Barefoot.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, we use the latest production technologies: platinum filtration, multiple distillation processes, or reverse osmosis water treatment. We have our own rectification and bottling plants, which guarantees total quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process. Our production plants in Białystok and Oborniki feature some of the most modern rectification systems of their type in the world.

*CEDC according to NielsenIQ, Retail sales Panel, All Poland (Food), % share in sales by volume in the aggregate period w40 2021 – w39 2022 in the category: Vodka, in compliance with the categorisation and methodologies applied by NielsenIQ
**Shanken’s IMPACT, World’s Top 100 Spirits Brands (Premium and non premium), March 1-15, 2022

Our values


We are experts in the field of spirits. Our skills and knowledge allow us to create, promote and sell our products in an effective way.


We treat our company as our shared responsibility. We constantly search for solutions which will improve functionality. We act quickly and decisively.


We are committed to fulfilling our promises to consumers, business partners, shareholders, and employees.

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Production plants

Plant in Oborniki

The production plant in Oborniki was established in 1984. It is here that one of the most recognisable Polish alcohol brands, Soplica, is produced, created in 1981 by Bolesław Kasprowicz. Flavoured varieties of the product are produced using natural ingredients and according to unique recipes. Apart from the standard product, the highly popular Bols Platinum and the refreshing Cytrusówka Rajska are also produced at the Oborniki plant.

Plant in Białystok

The production plant in Białystok was established in 1928. It boasts a nearly 100-year tradition of manufacturing high quality vodkas, liqueurs and macerated spirits. The plant’s flagship product is Żubrówka, whose natural ingredients, such as the bison grass (Hierochloe odorata) used in the production of Żubrówka Bison Grass or the water used in Żubrówka Czarna come from the very heart of the Białowieska Forest. Other popular vodkas, such as Żytniówka, are also produced here. The plant produces super high quality grain spirit in a modern rectification still using natural ingredients and water from its own deep water wells.