The Balvenie 27 Y.O.

The Balvenie 27 Y.O.

This is a story of the ageing of a rare Caribbean rum which begins not in the warehouse of the distillery, but in the tasting room, with shelves full of shining bottles. It was there that David Stewart MBE and his team met John Barrett, who brought samples of some of the most unusual alcohols in the world for them to try. The Balvenie 27 YO is a whisky which is finished in Caroni rum casks, whose flavour shifts from the smooth sweetness of vanilla to a the richness of molasses, toffee, aged peel and deep oaky tannins.
Aroma: Rich, with gentle notes of Muscovado and Manuka honey. Lighter fruit notes flit among aromas of unripe banana and mild spice.
Flavour: Beautifully smooth with the velvety viscosity of vanilla. The initial rush of sweetness gives transforms into molasses, toffee, aged peel, and deep oak tannins.
Finish: Long-lasting and sweet with a wonderfully oily mouthfeel.

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The Balvenie 27 Y.O.
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