Glenfiddich 40 Y.O.

Glenfiddich 40 Y.O.

The Malt Master selects the finest casks and blends spirits that have aged for at least 40 years to create an incomparable whisky. The deep flavours and multifaceted aroma mean that the Glenfiddich 40 YO has no equal among rare whiskies of this age. Each bottle is individually numbered and packed into a stylish box, hand-covered in calfskin. A leather-bound booklet is also included which tells the 40-year story of the brand, personally signed bye the Malt master.
Each year, only 600 bottles are produced.
Fruitcake, roasted coffee, roasted apple, a dry oak accent, and hints of dark chocolate and peat, which may be more or less intense depending on the year of production.
The proof is set each year by the Malt Master.

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Glenfiddich 40 Y.O.
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