27 June 2023

Maspex Group aids Ukraine

Maspex Group aids Ukraine

The situation that is evolving beyond the eastern border of Poland concerns us all and we cannot remain uninterested, which is why the Maspex Group has prepared a range of operations to help our eastern neighbours, many of whom are Ukrainians employed at our plants, refugees, and front-line combatants.

The Maspex Group has earmarked 1 000 000 PLN for this purpose.

Our Ukrainian employees are guaranteed steady aid measures which are appropriate for their needs. Our operations have focused on three levels:

  • We provide organisational and financial aid in bringing the families of our Ukrainian employees to Poland, mainly as regards the children of employees.
  • Employees who need financial aid receive it. We have also provided support in maintaining contact with families by supplying phone cards which can be used to make unlimited calls to families in Ukraine.
  • We provide financial aid to employees who have left Poland in order to fight on the front lines and have also guaranteed employment on return.

We area also working on simplifying employment procedures; we are open to employing more persons from Ukraine at our plant sites.

We collaborate with organisations such as Food Banks, the Polish Red Cross, and Caritas Polska by donating our products to these groups. We have also donated unlimited supplies of our products in the countries where our plants are located. So far, we have supplied food products to several dozen organisations, and we will continue to implement further requests.

We constantly monitor the ongoing situation and are open to various forms of aid. At a time like this, every gesture of support has tremendous impact.