27 June 2023

Two new releases from the largest alcohol brand in Poland

Two new releases from the largest alcohol brand in Poland

The legendary Żubrówka brand has set out to conquer the market with new and surprising flavours inspired by the Białowieska Forest. Żubrówka Rześki Rokitnik and Żubrówka Korzenna Moc are two unique new additions to the Żubrówka family.

Żubrówka has been an iconic product for many years and is the pride and joy of Poles. The brand is the absolute leader in the vodka market in Poland – Żubrówka Biała has for years enjoyed the title “Queen of Polish Vodkas”. The history of Żubrówka has been associated with the bison grass of the Białowieska Forest since the very beginning. But bison grass, a blade of which is found in every bottle of Żubrówka Bison Grass, is not the only gift of the Białowieska Forest. The natural landscape of the Podlasie region is also rich in wild fruits with unusual and captivating flavours. And it is these that are the basis for the innovative new flavours in the Żubrówka line.

In April, store shelves already featured the new varieties with the Żubrówka DNA deeply inscribed within them along with the existing items in the Żubrówka line, Biała, Czarna and Bison Grass

Żubrówka Rześki Rokitnik features the characteristic slightly sour and astringent flavour of the sea buckthorn from which it is made, along with extract of bison grass and fruity notes. Because of its refreshing flavour, this variety perfectly reflects a bright early morning in the Białowieska Forest. Its unique flavour profile makes it perfect for the hotter months of the year.

Żubrówka Korzenna Moc is a unique blend of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, star anise, herbs and lemon peel. This variety is inspired by night in the Białowieska Forest, and thanks to its rich content of spices, it is a perfect warm-up and colder days.

“Consumers are more and more frequently choosing new and surprising flavours while also enthusiastically reaching for brands with history, tradition and soul. That’s why we have aimed to meet our customers’ expectations in creating entirely new varieties. Two of these new flavours are inspired by two facets of nature; a light variety flavoured with sea buckthorn, reflecting a bright early morning in the forest and a dark, spic and herb variety which is ideal after a walk in the woods on a cool evening,” says Karolina Wróblewska, Senior Brand Manager at Żubrówka.

The new varieties are aimed at both men and women consumers.

Thanks to their unique character resulting from the previously unheard of combinations of flavours and original ingredients in the alcoholic beverages category, these make an attractive proposition for those who are interested in curious and striking flavours.

Both new varieties of Żubrówka (with an alcohol content of 30%) taste great in refreshing or warming cocktails and also straight from the glass.

The launch of these new Żubrówka products was accompanied by brand communication using POS promotional materials and special expositions. Launches of new varieties of Żubrówka will be supported with operations in digital and PR channels.